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Crestview Local Schools is a PK-12 campus in the village of Convoy which is located in Van Wert County. The district includes the villages of Wren, Dixon, Cavett and a portion of Scott. Crestview was formed in 1960 with the merger of several township and village schools in the western portion of Van Wert County. Crestview currently houses an elementary (K-5), a middle school (6-8), and high school (9-12) in the same building. The Early Childhood Center houses our PK and kindergarten students.

Crestview extends to students a wide variety of curricular options for a school of its size (940 students). In the elementary, students are offered computer technology starting in kindergarten, vocal music, band, physical education, and art in addition to the core subjects. Core classes in grades K-3 are self-contained with a specified focus on literacy and math foundations in the primary grades. Students in grades 4-5 move core classes in 60 minute blocks daily, allowing for more hands-on and instructional time in the content setting. In middle school, students are offered the same electives, with family consumer science, swing choir, STEM, technology (with beginning coding) and an interactive current events class along with their core subjects. Also, qualifying eighth graders are offered Algebra I. The middle school schedule has students in 80 minute blocks for English language arts, math, and science/social studies. As students move into high school, they see an increase in electives to include agricultural classes, family consumer science, visual arts in computer media, yearbook, intro to medical terminology, accounting, computer science and coding, and beginning robotics. Crestview is also a member of NOVA, which offers web-based classes in the absence of in-district curriculum. The high school schedule runs on an eight period day on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday with block scheduling on Wednesday (odd periods only) and Thursday (even periods only). The modified block schedule allows for longer tests and activities on the block days. Crestview is 1:1 by providing laptops for students in grades 1-12 while students in grades PK-K individually interact with technology with the use of laptops and tablets.

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