Threat at Crestview ECC resolved
Posted on 09/19/2022
District NewsSheriff Tom Riggenbach and Superintendent Kathy Mollenkopf announce that the Sheriff’s Office responded to a potential threat at the Crestview Early Childhood Center. The Sheriff’s Office received information that an individual was going to the ECC building to remove his children from the school. The Sheriff’s Office was also advised the individual may be a threat to himself or others. Sheriff’s deputies responded immediately to the situation at the ECC with protective measures at the main building as well. When the Crestview SRO arrived at the ECC, he made contact with the reported individual in his vehicle. Sheriff Riggenbach indicates that the subject was removed from the property and was taken for a mental health evaluation. Riggenbach and Mollenkopf both indicate that established safety protocols were followed and students and staff are safe. Sheriff Riggenbach indicates the incident is under investigation and potential criminal charges may be filed.