High School Senior Convocation

High School Senior Convocation
Posted on 05/10/2023

Crestview High School recently held their Senior Convocation to recognize its seniors for their academic and athletic accomplishments with awards from the teaching staff along with scholarships and recognition from various community and school organizations. Mr. Dave Bowen, High School Principal, began and closed the evening with remarks about the successes of the class of 2023 and the mark they have left on Crestview High School. The faculty-presented awards of Academic Achievement and Awards of Merit were distributed first along with honors plaques presented to the top student of each department. The second portion of the evening was reserved for scholarship and athletic award presentations by administrators and various community members. The evening was concluded with the presentation of the Tom Nelson Citizen of Distinction Award given to a community member that has gone above and beyond in their dedication and service to Crestview Schools. This award was given to Eric Hancock.


Academic Achievement Awards, Awards of Merit and Department Awards:

Physics Achievement – Macy Kulwicki

Physics Merit – Holden Thornell

Chemistry II Achievement – Holden Thornell

Chemistry II Merit – Mason Speith

AP Honors Psychology/Sociology Merit – Laci McCoy

Spanish 3 Achievement – Holden Thornell

Spanish 4 Achievement – Isaiah Watts and Chloe Black

Senior Algebra 2 Achievement – Mattie Leppard

Senior Algebra 2 Merit – Ashley Motycka, Nasir Easterling, Adeline Sorgen

Musical Theater – Megan Foehl

Ceramics Achievement – Shay Wehner

Ceramics Merit – Katleyn Dunham

3D Art Achievement – Parker Speith

3D Art Merit – Macy Kulwicki

Drawing Achievement – Jasmin Gros

Drawing Merit – Mason Speith

Advanced Woodshop Achievement – Nathan Lichtle

Advanced Woodshop Merit – Kyle Buckner

Painting Achievement – Micah LaTurner

Painting Merit – Emma Wells

Yearbook Achievement – Olivia Heckler

Yearbook Merit – Dru Nielsen

Essential English 12 Achievement – Ashley Motycka

Essential English 12 Merit – Kristal Scott

Graphic Design Merit – Braden King

Honors Calculus Achievement – Macy Kulwicki

Honors Calculus Merit – Paul Adams and Megan Mosier

Senior CP English Achievement – Kennedy Sites

Senior CP English Merit – Gavin Etzler

Senior AP Literature & Composition Achievement – Megan Mosier

Senior AP Literature & Composition Merit – Olivia Heckler

Agribusiness Management Achievement – Katelyn Castle

Ag Capstone Achievement – Wesyn Ludwig

Ag Capstone Merit – Mason Speith

Ag Capstone 2 Achievement – Emma Wells

Basics of Baking Achievement – Paul Adams

Nutrition & Wellness Achievement – Paul Adams

Business Math Achievement – Gavin Etzler

Business Math Merit – Mitchell Temple

Financial Accounting Achievement – Donovan Wreath

American Government Achievement – Gavin Etzler

American Government Merit – Megan Foehl

AP American Government Achievement – Macy Kulwicki

AP American Government Merit – Megan Mosier

History Through Film Achievement – Megan Foehl

Anatomy Achievement – Megan Mosier

Anatomy Merit – Holden Thornell

Intro to Medical Science Achievement – Karis Holloway

Environmental Science Achievement – Gavin Etzler

Business/Technology Department Award – Gavin Etzler

Science Department Award – Holden Thornell

English Department Award – Megan Mosier

Fine Arts Department Award – Kimberly Sites

Social Studies Department Award – Macy Kulwicki

Math Department Award – Macy Kulwicki

Foreign Language – Isaiah Watts

Physical Education/Health Department Award – Daniel Tussing

Scholarships and Athletic Awards:

Rotary Scholarship – Megan Mosier

Farm Focus Scholarship – Emma Wells

Convoy Community Scholarship - Stahl, Stoller, Meyer Ins/Michael & Nancy Meyer Scholarship – Karis Holloway

Convoy Community Foundation - Convoy Community Service Scholarship – Donovan Wreath

Convoy Community Foundation - Elizabeth Freck Scholarship – Avery Figley

Convoy Community Foundation - Ed Hurless Above & Beyond Scholarship – Nathan Lichtle

Convoy Community Foundation - Francile & Aaron Sutton Scholarship – Nathan Lichtle

Convoy Community Foundation - Pam Kulwicki Scholarship – Macy Kulwicki

Convoy Community Foundation - Linda Bower Scholarship – Gavin Etzler, Mitchell Temple, and Katelyn Castle

Convoy Community Foundation - Dave & Kendra Smart Family Scholarship – Kaylee Parrish and Baylee Miller

Convoy Community Foundation – Bob & Carolyn Schumm Family Scholarship – Hannah Schmiesing

Convoy Community Foundation – Warren & Marilyn Reed Family Scholarship – Olivia Heckler and Paul Adams

Convoy Community Foundation – Bill & Eula Jerome Family Scholarship – Kennedy Sites and Kimberly Sites

Convoy Community Foundation – Otto & Clara Knerr Family Scholarship – Laci McCoy

Convoy Community Foundation - Trinity Lutheran Scholarship – Megan Mosier

CEA Scholarships – Gavin Etzler, Macy Kulwicki, Megan Mosier, Kaylee Parrish, Kennedy Sites, Kimberly Sites, Shay Wehner and Donovan Weath

Janet Lichtensteiger-Kelly Scholarship – Megan Foehl

Convoy Community Days – Laci McCoy and Baylee Miller

Convoy Tastee Freeze Scholarship – Avery Figley

Wren Community Chest Scholarship – Micaela Lugabihl and Holden Thornell

Convoy United Methodist Scholarship – Baylee Miller and Megan Mosier

Career Connections Scholarship – Mitchell Temple

Beth Taylor Memorial Scholarship – Kimberly Sites and Kennedy Sites

Hugh & Evelyn Pugh Scholarship – Avery Figley

Pauline & Donna Etzler Scholarship – Addyson Dowler, Carson Hunter and Wesyn Ludwig

American Red Cross Scholarship – Karis Holloway

Gary Painter Cross Country Scholarship – Baylee Miller and Megan Mosier

Bonnie Jones Education Memorial Scholarship – Shay Wehner and Kimberly Sites

theCHURCH Scholarship – Megan Mosier

Central Insurance Companies Educational and Charitable Foundation Scholarship – Paul Adams

Black, Inc. Outstanding Senior Scholarship – Macy Kulwicki

The Trina Langdon Scholarship for PINK Graduates – Hannah Schmiesing

Optimist Club of Van Wert Service Award Scholarship – Baylee Miller and Kennedy Sites

OHSAA Archie Griffin Sportsmanship Award – Carson Hunter and Katelyn Castle

OHSAA Courageous Student Award – Madison Danylchuk

OHSAA State Award – Nasir Easterling and Addyson Dowler

OHSAA Award of Excellence – Nathan Lichtle and Megan Mosier

OHSAA Scholar Athlete Award – Gavin Etzler and Macy Kulwicki

Americanism Test Award – Connor Tussing (County Winner) and Macy Kulwicki

Military Recruiters/Van Wert Co. Veterans Service Office – Connor Tussing, Evan McClellan, Isaiah Watts and Haley Frazier

Tom Nelson Citizen of Distinction Award – Eric Hancock