District Threat Assessment and Safety Team

The District Threat Assessment and Safety Team (DTAST) was formed as a result of HB 123 which was signed into legislation March 24, 2021.

PURPOSE STATEMENT: The District Threat Assessment and Safety Team was established to provide Crestview Local Schools with a group of invested individuals whose purpose is to meet regularly to evaluate safety considerations and establish services for students and staff within a secure learning environment that fosters the physical, emotional, and social well-being of all with a spirit of compassion and understanding.

All members of this team have received the required training as mandated by this legislation. Team members include the following individuals:

Kathy Mollenkopf, Superintendent
Dave Bowen, HS Principal
Trent Kreischer, MS Principal
Lindsay Breese, EL Principal
Casey Dowler, ECC Principal
Shane Leeth, Director of Technology
Kris Kill, Guidance Counselor
Tony Springer, Guidance Counselor
Lillie Rosebrock, Case Manager for Westwood Behavioral
John Gabriel, SRO
Tina LaTurner, School Nurse
Allison Harting, School Nurse
Geoff Waddles, Maintenance Supervisor